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What moms are saying:

Hannah is the birth partner my husband and I didn’t know we needed. She quickly went from “stranger on the internet” to “family”. It’s her dedication to equipping parents with information, evidence based articles, and her gentle demeanor that assured us we made the right decision to invite an additional person into our birth experience. As a first time mother, I was inundated with information and choices and guilt before even stepping into the hospital and Hannah helped me process all of this with gentle guidance. She reminds parents that the baby’s care is important but so is mom. She supported me emotionally even after the baby came and made herself available to me as needed. Hannah is an exceptional human being and you shouldn’t hesitate to move forward with her as your doula!

I didn't feel lost in this process as my doula discussed all options with me and helped to make sure that I was making a decision that was consistent with my values and desires.

Hannah is knowledgeable and was so so helpful guiding me through making some difficult decisions through labor and delivery! Her supportive, non-judgemental approach is something that truly sets her apart from others.

I absolutely loved my doula and she helped make my birthing experience everything I could have wanted. Even though my labor was long, I felt heard and supported throughout the entire duration. I know my husband and I would have felt lost without Hannah's support. She truly was such a blessing throughout our pregnancy and as we adjusted to life as parents of our beautiful baby girl.

I am so, incredibly grateful for Hannah and her presence during labor and birth. A peaceful presence who listened, made suggestions, gently nudged me, explained things to and comforted my husband, helped to keep family at bay, and advocated for my needs with hospital staff was necessary.

What dads are saying:

When my wife posed the need for a doula, I was skeptical. It felt like a superfluous expense. After some discussion I agreed to meet Hannah to understand what the real purpose of a doula was and find out if it was for us.

After we met, Hannah made it clear that her role was tailored by our needs but ultimately she was an advocate for my wife and child and  someone to help take the pressure of our birth experience. She provided evidence based education and made herself available to us as often as needed before the birth and then stayed with us during my wife’s marathon labor. It’s an unbelievable emotional undertaking to witness your partner endure the pain and exhaustion of labor. Having someone give me the space to help my wife and meet her emotional needs was invaluable.

Hannah was an integral part of our child’s birth and I wouldn’t have been able to be fully available for my wife’s needs or to focus on the birth of my son without her. She took the pressure off of our journey and I’m forever grateful. We look forward to working with Hannah again in the future.

She was able to make sure I was always by my wife’s side, and she would make sure what was needed to be done got done. I can’t stress how nice it was to be able to be always by my wife’s side while Hannah took care of everything that we needed. During the labor process, my wife started having some serious pain. Having to look my wife in the eyes while she was in this much of pain and not being able to do anything about it was almost unbearable, but Hannah was there to help encourage her through it and helped me through it as well.

From the first meeting at our home with Hannah she answered so many questions and got to know us and our preferences. She told us what to expect and let us know that she would handle any concerns we had during delivery. When it came time to deliver our son, she was very comforting to my wife and I. She did so much more than we ever could have imagined to help us through the long delivery. She stayed well after he was born even though she clearly had already done so much. Hannah was so caring and kind the day would not have been as amazing without her. She helped me help my wife if that makes sense. She gave me the confidence to be a support to my wife. Anyone would be lucky to have her guiding them through the best day of their family's life!

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