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Hi there! I'm Hannah Elsey- wife, mother and certified birth doula through Birth Arts

International. My husband and I were married in 2007, welcomed our daughter in 2011 and our twin boys in 2015. Our family's journey has been quite the adventure with many twists and turns. Our family wouldn't be where we are today without our love for each other and our deep faith.

As a doula, my commitment is to the expecting parents. I provide unbiased, evidence-based education as well as constant support, safety and encouragement. I am passionate about uniting the entire birth team in order to best serve the parents. I look for "gaps" in the entire process- from prenatal through postpartum- and find ways to fill them in order to provide parents with every ounce of care that they deserve. I am passionate about supporting dads by showing them how they can be part of the process, reminding them that this is their experience too and by talking through any fears that they may have.

I felt the tug on my heart to become a certified birth doula in 2018 in direct response to my personal birth experiences (vaginal and unplanned, emergency cesarean with complications and NICU stay). I saw a need to bridge the gap between doctors, midwives, nurses and parents. There are moments that slip through the cracks, moments that parents aren't fully supported because providers and nurses must do their job and often cannot sit with a laboring mom continually, helping her cope well through pain, answer every question and explain every option and process. I also have seen a great need for more education- parents aren't always equipped with knowledge regarding the progression of labor, the cesarean process, the amazing things that their bodies are capable of, and important choices regarding common interventions during labor. I believe that parents can and should understand their options, and have an opinion and say in their care! Pregnancy and birth are an amazing opportunity to build an empowering foundation for parenthood.

Certification, Workshops and Memberships

Birth Arts International Birth Doula Certification

VBAC Link Advance VBAC Doula Certification

Dancy Perinatal Preventing Trauma In The Birth Room Levels 1 & 2

Doulaversity International Using TENS For Labor Training

Spinning Babies® Workshop

American Red Cross Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED

ICAN Professional Member

I believe that though birth can be tough, it doesn't have to be lonely, intimidating or under-informed. It can be an empowering time of realizing your capability and your immense, innate strength.

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